It takes an ocean of support to explore ocean worlds. You can help.

Exploration focused on understanding the ocean—on Earth or elsewhere in the solar system—is crucial if we are going to answer one of humanity's most fundamental questions: Are we alone in the universe?

Your gift helps…

Advance Innovation

From making sophisticated new sensors that reveal the conditions that make life possible to building new vehicles capable of exploring the deepest parts of the ocean, your support helps push innovation to new limits here on Earth and beyond.

Promote New Discoveries

Your support emboldens the curiosity, creativity, and commitment of WHOI scientists and engineers leading to unparalleled opportunity for discovery here and on distant ocean worlds.

Educate Tomorrow’s Ocean Leaders

At WHOI, graduate students work alongside some of the world’s top ocean scientists and engineers. Your support gives these students opportunities to learn, to travel, and to collaborate as they become the next generation pushing our search for life deeper into the ocean and the solar system.

Direct Future Exploration

WHOI's long history of exploration of the ocean is providing the insight and guidance that will help direct the search for life beyond Earth. Your support helps provide a strong foundation on which to build our knowledge of Earth's ocean so that we can decide where to search for life elsewhere in the solar system.


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