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Exploration focused on understanding the ocean is vital from so many different perspectives—for humanity, for the health of our planet, for our safety and security, and for our climate.

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Advance Innovation

From making sophisticated tracking tags that show the habits of endangered leatherback turtles to using underwater holograms to reveal the secrets of the unexplored ocean twilight zone, your support helps push ocean innovation to new limits.

Educate Tomorrow’s Ocean Leaders

At WHOI, graduate students work alongside some of the world’s top ocean scientists and engineers. Your support gives these students opportunities to travel, collaborate and prove their concepts so they can leverage future funding.

Make a Global Impact

Your gift assures that WHOI is working around the globe from the wave tops to the deepest ocean depths and everywhere in between.  We are even working with NASA on tools that could reveal life in the oceans on distant moons.

Promote New Discoveries

Your support combined with the curiosity, creativity and commitment of WHOI scientists, engineers and technicians leads to unparalleled opportunity for discovery.

Shape Future Policies

WHOI provides unbiased knowledge and insight to scientists, decision makers, and the public. Your gift supports research on current issues in marine resource management and marine industries to help develop solutions to global challenges.

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