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Exploration focused on understanding the ocean is vital from so many different perspectives—for humanity, for the health of our planet, for our safety and security, and for our climate.

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Ocean Explorer $35

  • Your membership provides priceless support to the researchers and engineers at WHOI who are applying novel ideas and technologies to understanding the ocean for our planet and our future.
  • Limited Edition mosaic art print of WHOI’s original research vessel, the ketch Atlantis (for Explorers only).
  • Advance notice of special events
  • FREE Beneath the Surface monthly e-newsletter
  • FREE ocean-related screen savers and ringtones
  • Invitations to special tours and talks
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Ocean Navigator $55

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  • WHOI’s popular SharkCam T-shirt
  • FREE digital edition of Oceanus magazine

Associate $100

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  • Subscription to hard-copy edition of Oceanus magazine
  • WHOI’s popular SharkCam T-shirt
  • Invitations to annual Afternoon of Science
  • Invitations to participate in scientific expeditions
  • Participation in the ASTC Passport Program (free admission to over 250 participating science museums)

Mariners Club - Monthly gift totaling $120 or more per year

Associates member benefits plus:

  • Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes experiences

1930 Society $1,000 or more

Associates member benefits plus:

  • Afternoon shipboard science expedition aboard R/V Tioga

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